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History of the Yellow Lightsaber

Try and guess what all these things have in common? The sun. School buses. Rain coats. Older headlights. If you guessed "things that are yellow", you'd be correct. But what if I told you that one more thing could be added to the list. That would be "The first lightsaber". I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Doug, lightsabers are blue, red and green" and that's how it's always been. Then you might go into the story about how Samuel L. Jackson ended up with his purple saber. Some of you might even say something about Temple Guards. But generally when you think about lightsabers those are the colors that come to mind. While all that might be true, the yellow saber has much deeper roots in the Star Wars universe. Or perhaps I should say the "Star Wars merchandise-iverse".  Toy Lightsabers In today's lightsaber filled world, it might be hard to imagine a time before laser s
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Student Spotlight - Vijay Barona

January Student Spotlight---- Vijay Barona The path through Indy Lightsaber Academy is a difficult one. Success one day can turn into spinning your wheels the next. This is true for all students. It's how they overcome and work through their barriers to become better. Vijay is a great example of someone who has shown persistence, curiosity and a thirst to become more. And that's just what he did. It's this type of growth that is one of my favorite things about ILA. But let's read a bit about Vijay's journey in the lightsaber combat world.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is your favorite thing about ILA?  My favorite thing about ILA are the con tournaments because I get to show off my learned skills and it is fun crush the con goers. I also really enjoy attending Fight Camp. During this time I get to improve on my skills, get to hang out with my fellow classmates, and I a

5 Basic Lightsaber Maintenance Tips

Y'all need to start treating your lightsabers better.  If you're going to come to a lightsaber class and/or want to participate in the sport, please respect your weapon. Otherwise your $100+ saber turns into a quasi-functional and slightly more dangerous flashlight. Just like in any martial art, or even ventriloquism (probably), you need to care for your equipment. The combat lightsaber is a unique weapon in this modern age. Historically most swords and weapons had minimal electronics, although I suppose there was a lot of other upkeep. When it comes to combat lightsabers, they can either be an expensive stick that used to light up or a technological marvel you paid $800 for. Either way you need to care of it, or at least know what you should be doing. So here are 5 tips for basic lightsaber maintenance that you should all be doing. (DISCLAIMER--- I am not a saber smith or super knowledgeable in wiring circuit boards. But I do know about things that if neglecte

Student Spotlight - Devin Ryan

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Indy Lightsaber Academy (ILA) is more than just lightsabers. It's the people, or more specifically the students. Devin Ryan has been coming to class for over 2 years and has progressed to Adherent level. In addition to already learning the basics of Forms I through III, she's currently learning the more advanced Form IV. Let's see what Devin has to say about class! How did you first learn about ILA? I saw Taylor Cox’s posts on Facebook about ILA years ago and knew I had found my people! Fun fact: Taylor and I went to the same middle school. Doug: for those curious, Taylor Cox is our Form III instructor and all around great person. How long have you been coming to class? I’m not sure I think since winter of 2018. Doug: Actually Fall 2017, but who's counting? What is your favorite thing about ILA? The combination of amazing people and getting to learn something new each time I come

September Student Spotlight- Nick

This month we're talking about Nick Yehl. He's been with the Academy for a few years and has quickly rose up the ranks. He's currently an Adherent of Form V, and regularly competes in tournaments. Not only is he formidable with a saber, he can also make a mean waffle. As is now his tradition to make waffles for everybody at our Fight Camps (if he's attending).   How did you first learn about ILA? I had just moved to Indy and was looking for soemthing to do so I could go out and meet people. I had a couple of combat able lightsabers and thought that there had to be people meeting with these things. So I literally typed in the words Indianapolis Lightsaber into Facebook and there was ILA right at the top. How long have you been coming to class? A little over 2 years. What is your favorite thing about ILA? The people. I have made some amazing friends through ILA.  If you could give a newb some advice when they first start, what

Indianapolis Comic Con! One of our FAVORITE CONVENTIONS is coming up soon! Indianapolis Comic Con is August 30-September 1 at the Indianapolis Convention Center. We've been coming to this con for years and every year is better than the last. What can you expect? Indy Lightsaber Academy will be set up in the Game Room. We will be hosting free ongoing training sessions for kids and adults. There will also be 2-3 tournaments a day. And probably our most fun event is our Sabotage tournament Saturday evening. Not only will you be able to showcase your saber skills, but you'll do it while potentially wearing a wig or pool floaty (among many many other things). Training Sessions: Friday-Sunday Open-7 PM FREE Our free lightsaber training sessions are offered all throughout the con at many different times. We'll have a sign up sheet to coordinate groups and get in as many people as possible. Unlike our normal class where the age restriction is 12